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Rich Doc Poor Doc

Nov 3, 2021

This is the next installment of our Student Spotlight series where we interview students from our Zero to Freedom Course. The goal of this series is to share their real estate journeys with the hopes that their stories will inspire you to take action!

Dr. Ayush Gupta was a student in our Summer 2020 class and we have enjoyed watching him grow his real estate Empire.

We wanted to interview Ayush because he is hacking his way to financial freedom.

On the real estate side, he started out with a house hack. For those who don't know about house hacking, CLICK HERE to read about our house hack. He shares how he was able to purchase this property with an FHA loan and only putting down 3.5%! He also shares what it's like to live next door to your tenants as a physician.

In terms of life hacking, Ayush shares a number of pearls. For example, he shares how he uses a VA to help him advance so quickly in his medical career. He also leverages a VA for helping him manage his real estate portfolio. Another example is that he is very diligent about documenting systems and processes. This helps him cut down the time that it takes to complete rehabs, for example.

In this episode, we also mention a FREE download called: How to Use a VA to Grow Your Real Estate Empire

To download this for FREE, go to:

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